Ray Harper
Ray Harper - Writing
In addition to academic publications, I have written seven books:
  1. Was sent to publishers and agents unsuccessfully but published as an ebook.
  2. Joint (Vanity) published by Book Guild Publishing in hardback.
  3. Self published as a paperback.
  4. Four more have been published as ebooks. See Publishing.
I have re-publish both of the paper books as e-books. The series of six science fiction stories have been re-published as two Omnibus Editions.
A non-fiction book is in the pipeline.

There is much guidance on writing and publishing on the Internet. However, much is from organisations ultimately looking for payment to help you and much is from experienced writers whose aspirations may be different to your own.

In these pages (see links in the sidebar) I will tell you how I wrote the three books and set about publishing them. This is different from the process of publishing which is described from the publishing link above.

It takes little browsing on the internet to find that traditional publishing is dead. The main publishers no longer accept manuscripts direct from authors only from agents. Each agent only accepts one in thousands of manuscripts from authors such that only one in hundreds of thousands of books submitted for publication are published by the main publishers. Agents only accept the first three chapters so if your book is a slow burner with no great initial impact you have no chance! Most successful authors didn't get anything published till about their fourth or fifth book so the maxim is 'keep trying'. However, if you are not trying to become a professional author this is not relevant.

If you like writing and want to see you book published in some form so that someone has the chance to read it and enjoy it then these pages may be of interest to you.