Ray Harper
Ray Harper - WebOL
WebOL evolved from a multimedia authoring system based on hypertext and a browser that was developed in 1993.
This system included an assessment scheme for hypertext question pages and materials were developed from templates. The system was used for delivering support materials, formative assessments and tutorials for 5 years.
The combination of powerful modern browsers with HTML, DHTML, CSS and javascript provided much of the functionality of multimedia authoring systems and in 1998 the courseware was converted to use the features of modern web browsers.

The first version of this system was presented at CUBE98 where the time saving use of templates was emphasized.

The final version automates the construction of questions and projects through fill-in forms. This automated version runs on PC compatibles under Win9x/NT/2000/Vista/Windows7 (8 & 10 not tested).
The web pages generated are essentially platform and browser independent.
Versions of this web-based system has been used successfully since 1998.

A version of WebOL (WebOL Lite) for constructing formative assessments was produced with a Teaching Development Grant from LTSN Biosciences (now the Higher Education Academy STEM).
Further funding from LTSN Biosciences supported the development of a version that is compatible with the xml-based IMS QTI specification for allowing the interchange of questions between assessment systems.