Ray Harper
Ray Harper - Publishing
Publishing options:
  1. Traditional publisher through an agent.
    This was always very difficult and probably more so now. To attempt if you want to become a professional writer.
  2. Traditional through a 'Vanity/Joint/Partnership' publisher.
  3. Self publishing -Through Print On Demand (POD) publishers.
    Appears straightforward, no upfront fees and gives avenues to distribution channels. These publishers will usually put your book on Amazon for example. Involves some loss of control over the process. If you plan on publishing an ebook version there are restrictions on pricing paper books vs ebooks that you would need to examine. You do not get any books yourself to give/sell to friends/relatives, to show to local bookstores or give to reviewers to promote the book.
  4. Self publishing - Do it yourself (DIY).
    You retain control of the process and receive the books from the printer. Distribution is more difficult though your book's ISBN number will give you an entry into a database the distributer and retailers use.
  5. Self publishing ebooks.
    Appears straightforward. You will have to choose the format - Amazon's azw, epub or pdf. There are guides for how to submit your work - Amazon KDP, Apple and Barnes & Noble PubIt are the main ones. The Amazon and Barnes & Noble systems do not require you to have your own ISBN.