Ray Harper
Ray Harper - Publishing
I have published one hardback, one paperback and seven ebooks.

The pages on this site will describe the processes I have been through to publish books which may help new authors decide on their approach.

My first book, The Colony (1): Endings, was published by what the publishing house called 'joint publishing' or 'partnership publishing' where the author pays the cost of publishing the first edition, first printing. I think this is more commonly called 'vanity' publishing.

I wanted my first book to be a good quality hardback and chose Book Guild Publishing. They are very expensive. A paperback book can be published for much less by a variety of online publishers such as Pen Press, AuthorHouse or Matador. However, these will not provide the support services of a more 'traditional' publishing house.

Cheapest is Lulu or Amazon's Create Space where you can self-publish for free. There is no upfront payment, you get royalties as a proportion of the retail price.

My second book, The Colony (2): Strife, was a complete do it yourself (DIY) job. I wrote it, copy edited it, formatted it, got the ISBN number, made an ISBN barcode, constructed the image for the cover, found a printer who printed it. Now I just need to sell it!

All my books have now been published as eBooks including the more recent ones 'Samuria', The Colony (3): Return and The Colony (4): Meetings.