Ray Harper
Ray Harper - Publishing
I have published five ebooks.

The sidebar menu expands on the tools I have used to generate epub format ebooks and mobi (Kindle) format ebooks for uploading to amazon.

Sigil and Calibre are widely recommended as the tools to use when creating ebooks, however, if you only want to publish for Amazon's Kindle readers then just using Microsoft Word format may be sufficient.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) guidelines show what to do when using Word format. You cannot use TAB to indent paragraphs and some formatting will not be converted. All paragraphs are indented so you cannot use non-indented paragraphs to start sections as is normally used for paper publications.

If you want to publish elsewhere in epub format then it may be best to use Sigil and Calibre. See Initially on the sidebar for creating your book prior to using Sigil.