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Some useful links:
Acorn forum
Stardot: Excellent forum for 8 & 32bit acorns. Help with faults/repairs, software and modern accessories.
Acorn Info.
Chris's Acorns: Now lodged at computinghistory.
An amazing comprehensive collection of information on all acorn machines, accessories and literature. Info
Acorn 8bit Software
8-bit software: Software, images of motherboards, manuals.
StairwaytoHell (Sth): Software
Acorn stuff
MDFS, Retroclinic, Sprow
Acorn Emu.
Emulators: BeebEm, Elkulator, Risc OS.
Acorn 32 bit
Risc OS, Risc OS Open
Risc OS Soft.
Apple IIc
Using, Linking IIc/IIe to a Raspberry Pi + Internet, Info
Apple IIe
Forum, Forum2, Info, Info2, Info3, Forum+Shop,
Apple II Soft.
AsimovArchive, AsimovArchive2, Apple2online
Identifying models, C64, C64C, C64G, Utility, File Formats, Emulator, Manuals, Forums, Info, User Guide
Shop, 1541 Ultimate, SD2IEC, Cassiopei
Disc games, Tape files, Games
Dragon 32
World Of Dragon, Forum, Magazine, Software, Multi-cartridge, Dragon DOS
Info, Emulators, Forum, Rear ports, Games, The Oric Site, Wikipedia
Oric Atmos
Spectrum 16K
World of Spectrum, Info, Info2, Hardware, ResiDOS, Utilities, Software, Games, Hardware2, Keyboard Membranes, Parts
Spectrum +2 Info
Info Info2, Info3, Plus cards, Forum, Utilities&Docs