Ray Harper
Ray Harper - Retro PC's
My first PC was an Acorn Electron with a cassette recorder.
I got interested in programming and wrote some games for my boys.
The electron grew with a Plus 1 expansion unit, a Plus 3 disk drive and eventually a EP2 second processor.
I (mistakenly in retrospect) traded up to a BBC Master which grew with a 80186 second processor making it a Master 512 running DOS software and BBC software under BBC Basic (86) for DOS.

I continued programming and wrote some software which I sold through Acorn User and Electron User (See Software section).

I moved on to an Acorn Archimedes A310 when they came out and converted some software to run on that machine. Eventually I moved on to IBM compatibles for compatibility with the machines at work.

Now I have retired I have backtracked to Acorn machines and expanded into other 8 bit machines of that era.

It can be both frustrating and fun to try to keep them working. There are many support groups and modern versions of accessories which continue to make the machines interesting to use.